Nearly every day during hunting season, Ted Nugent sits in one of the many deer blinds on his three-hundred-acre ranch near Waco with bow and arrow at the ready. “It’s about three seconds from the time I let the arrow go to when the animal dies,” says the lifelong hunter. Between trolling his property for whitetail and spending time with his wife of 23 years, Shemane, a Zumba instructor, the Detroit native produces radio shows from his home, writes for various publications, composes music, and—when needed—enforces the law. “I’ve been a cop for thirty years, I’ve trained with the military, and I conduct federal fugitive task force raids in Texas,” says Nugent. “I’m also a dog trainer, a mechanic, a welder, and a rock and roll czar from hell. Are you kidding me? I do everything.”

About the Items in Ted Nugent’s Truck

My manager, Doug Banker, gave me this guitar to beat on. I play sixty or seventy concerts every year. My band is so good it’s insane. And my music is still as youthful as when I was prepubescent. I may be 63, but I don’t act old.

I shot this beautiful eight-point whitetail with my bow and arrow. I’ll give it to the Hunters for the Hungry program. You ready for this? Hunters across the country donate enough venison for 250 million meals to soup kitchens and homeless shelters each year.

These are my own Ted Nugent Signature Series arrows from Gold Tip. The feathers are called fletching. I love to identify the path of the arrow. My life is guided by what I call “the mystical flight of the arrow.” Archery is very Zen. Can you be the flight of your arrow? If so, it means you’re in charge of your life.

This machine gun is a thing of beauty. It’s an M16 variant. I killed 169 hogs and 11 coyotes in one morning out of a helicopter with it. It’s worth about $40,000.

This is a diesel supplement that makes sure I’m getting the maximum miles per gallon, ’cause I’m so green. My guitar playing is black, my spirit is golden, but my soul is green. Are you getting all this shit?

This is a typical case of ammo. I have thousands of rounds of ammo. I do a lot of charity work with children and the military, and we go out and shoot. We do sniper classes.

This survival kit has first-aid supplies, emergency rations, water purification tablets, signaling devices, and a fire starter—everything you’d need in a real pinch. You could drop me naked in Brazil and I’d be king within a week.

The Ted Nugent ammo will be available this summer. Some ammo manufacturers got ahold of me and said, “We’d love to have some Ted Nugent ammo,” and I said, “I would too.” It’s state-of-the-art hunting ammo for rifles and handguns. It’s killer stuff.

I have an electric chain saw and this gas chain saw. We plant trees every spring and cut our own firewood. Plus, when storms come and blow trees down, I need my chain saws.

Swamp Donkey is a nutritional supplement for deer. The hunting industry has ascertained the ultimate combination of minerals and vitamins that the animals need for maximum health. I drop a couple thousand containers of these throughout my property year-round.

This green gun is a simple little .22 semi-auto. It actually belongs to my son Rocco. I’ve got eight kids and eight grandkids, and they all get a gun every year
for Christmas.