“With 0.7 of an inch of snow Monday, El Paso, TX, has recorded measurable snow before Chicago this season,” Accuweather tweeted early Tuesday morning. By then, the white stuff was also coming down across North and West Texas, coating places both unsurprising (Amarillo) and unexpected (Midland). Below, a sampling of snow pictures from Texas tweeps. 

[media number=1 size=large alignment=block]mscantling, Instagram[/media]

(Amarillo, obviously)

[media number=2 size=large alignment-block]@twilightfoxx[/media]

(Texas Tech campus, Lubbock)

[media number=3 size=large alignment=block]Juan Carlos Rodriguez, @jcrattorney[/media]


[media number=4 size=large alignment=block]jasonboyett, Instagram[/media]


[media number=5 size=large alignment-block]@ChwastykD[/media]


[media number=6 size=large alignment=block]@brianclayville[/media]

(El Paso)