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Texas Monthly 2017 Bum Steer Bracket—Round Two

Help us choose 2017’s Bum SteerHelp us choose 2017’s Bum Steer. Vote in round two of our poll.

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Every January, we release our Bum Steer Awards, a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes pointed compendium of folks who said or did something ill-advised during the preceding twelve months. And we usually name a Bum Steer of the Year—a person, posse, or entity that distinguished itself in a particularly regretful fashion. Recent recipients of the Steer of the Year dishonor have included Rick “Oops” Perry, Wendy “Texas Is Turning Blue” Davis, and a certain ice cream company that had a serious problem with listeria.

This year, we are inviting you, dear reader, to help us choose 2017’s Bum Steer. Below is a bracket of eight finalists that have made it into round two of our voting. Stay tuned for the third round (starting December 6) and the final face-off, which will happen December 8. We will unveil the winner in the January issue.

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  • anonyfool

    Rick Perry managed to use mediocrity (and a$$ kissing) to turn his pending unemployment into a cushy job managing an agency for which he did not understand its purpose. Is that the biggest Bum Steer turnaround ever?