May 10, 1943: A tornado hit parts of Rusk and Gregg counties killing 4 people and injuring 25.

May 18, 1946: A tornado hit Clay, Montague, and Denton counties killing four people and causing damages estimated at $112,000.

May 3, 1948: A tornado hit McKinney killing 3 people and injuring 43.

May 15, 1949: A tornado hit Amarillo killing 6 people and injuring 83. Forty-five airplanes were damaged, and 28 railroad boxcars blown off the track.

May 11, 1953: A tornado near San Angelo killed 11 people and injured 159.

May 11, 1953: A tornado hit Waco killing 114 people and injuring 597. This twister is known as one of the two most disastrous tornadoes in the state.

April—May 1957: Rains in May forced about four thousand people to evacuate on the West Fork of the Trinity above Fort Worth and along that city’s creeks. Five people were drowned in floods in South Central Texas.

May 15, 1967: A tornado hit Silverton killing 21 people, injuring 80, and causing damages estimated at $500,000.

May 11, 1970: A tornado hit Lubbock causing damage to almost a quarter of the city. The total damage was estimated at $135 million; 26 people were killed and 500 people were injured.

May 11—12, 1972: Seventeen people drowned at New Braunfels in a rainstorm that hit South Central Texas.

May 23, 1975: Forty people were injured in heavy rains in the Austin area. More than $5 million in property damage resulted from the high winds and hail. Four people drowned.

May 3, 1979: Dallas County was hit by many thunderstorms that resulted in 37 injuries and $5 million of damages.

May 8, 1981: Tarrant, Dallas, and other surrounding counties were hit by the most destructive thunderstorm ever in the United States: Hail damage was estimated at $200 million.

May 24—25, 1981: Up to 5.5 inches of rain fell in one hour just west of Austin. Severe flooding in the city resulted in 13 deaths and about 100 injuries.

May 25, 1982: Monahans received $8 million in damages caused by golf ball—size hail.

May 1982: The most tornadoes ever recorded in the state during the month of May: 123.

May 22, 1987: A tornado wiped out the town of Saragosa killing 30 of the town’s 183 residents and injuring 121.

May 28, 1995: A thunderstorm hit San Angelo producing hail six inches deep in some areas, with drifts to two feet.

May 10, 1996: Hail up to five inches in diameter resulted in $30 million in property damage in Howard County; 48 people were injured.

Source: Texas Alamanac