Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Plot: Teenagers come of age in a fading small town.

Excerpts from our roundtable discussion:

RAPP: Last Picture Show is a documentary of the first twenty years of my life. I watched it again last night, and I’d forgotten just how authentic it is. I know that dusty, confining town where everybody only talks about football. But what I loved about it when I saw it again was the women. Women have all the power in that movie in some kind of odd way. And that’s the way it is sometimes in those small towns. I grew up in a town that was three hundred people in the Texas Panhandle, and we were a hundred miles from Amarillo, which was the closest town of any size, and I felt it all, sitting through that movie again.

LEAGUE: It’s also another example of people from the outside getting it. Peter Bogdanovich couldn’t be less Texan.

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