1. Match the celebrity with the Texas pork product he endorses:
A singer Jimmy Dean 1. Blue Ribbon Bacon
B former football coach Bum Phillips 2. Earl Campbell Hot Sausage
C former football star Earl Campbell 3. Jimmy Dean sausage


 2. Which of these is not a Texas state symbol?
A bluebonnet
B pecan tree
C mockingbird
D electric chair

 3. Identify this animal:

 4. Which of these critters does not live in Texas?
A tarantula
B alligator
C naked mole rat
D mountain lion


 5. Which of these is not a physical region of Texas?
A East Texas Piney Woods
B Ogallala Rainforest
C Chihuahuan Desert
D Coastal Plains

 6. Solve this rhyming riddle to find out the name of a famous ranch:

Three letters have I. The first is a snap:
It’s what marks the spot on a treasure map.
The second is me and myself (not U).
The third stands for “Texas”; and now we’re through.

 7. Nine years of martial law followed the defeat of the Confederacy. What is that period of time called?
A Reign of Terror
B Rehabilitation
C Reconstruction
D Resurrection

 8. In what year did Texas mark its centennial?


 9. Match the place name on the left with the appropriate subject on the right:
A Houston 1. cantaloupe
B El Paso 2. medicine
C Tyler 3. tourism
D Midland 4. fashion
E Pecos 5. boots
F South Padre Island 6. roses
G Dallas 7. oil


10. During the nineteenth century, what animal was slaughtered by the millions?


11. Thousands of streets and buildings in Texas are named Lamar. Why?


12. Who is the Texas version of Paul Bunyan?


13. What chain did Conrad Hilton start in Dallas in 1925?


14. What Texas ranch is bigger than Rhode Island?


15. Which of the following common Texas words is the only one spelled correctly?
A rodeo
B barbeque
C ya’ll
D margerita


16. What dog story, a national best-seller in 1956, has been required reading for millions of Texas schoolkids ever since?


17. What meat do Texans favor for barbecue?
A pork
B beef
C chicken
D any form of roadkill


18. Give the word that forms a familiar Texas phrase when it precedes each of the following: hair, Red, Spring.


19. March 2 has special meaning for Texans because it is Texas Independence Day as well as the birthday of:
A Sam Houston
B Tom DeLay
C Laura Bush
D Jesus Christ


20. Which of the following statements about Davy Crockett is false?
A During his lifetime, he was the subject of a long-running hit play.
B He was married to two women, one in Kentucky and one in Tennessee, at the same time.
C He fought under Andrew Jackson in the Creek War, because that tribe had murdered his grandparents.
D He wanted to become president of the United States.


21. An early Texas flag bore the motto “Come and take it.” What was “it”?
A a coiled snake
B a cannon
C the flag itself
D the Alamo


22. Which two of the following pairs are actually siblings?
A Percy Foreman and George Foreman
B Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid
C Bob Bullock and Sandra Bullock
D Ima Hogg and Ura Hogg
E Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson


23. Below is a list of Texas’s five largest cities. Put them in geographical order from east to west:
A Houston
B El Paso
C Austin
D San Antonio
E Dallas


24. Two attractions consistently make San Antonio the state’s number one tourist destination. One is, of course, the Alamo. What is the other?


25. When Lee Harvey Oswald took aim from the Texas School Book Depository, what floor was he on?


26. From what Texas emporium did actress Grace Kelly buy the bridesmaids’ dresses for her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco?


27. What infamous criminals of the thirties were portrayed in a 1967 movie directed by Arthur Penn?


28. What happened to Texas on December 29, 1845, and again on March 30, 1870?


29. Who wrote the 2000 novel The Gates of the Alamo?
A Elizabeth Crook
B Mary Willis Walker
C Robert James Waller
D Stephen Harrigan


30. Six flags have flown over Texas. Choose the nation whose flag flew for the shortest period of time:
A France
B England
C the Republic of Texas
D the Confederate States of America


31. Match these men with their picture:
A Tom Landry
B Billy the Kid
B Fess Parker
C Ross Perot


32. Match these women with their picture:
A Dale Evans
B Janis Joplin
C Jerry Hall
D Bonnie Parker

33. Solve this rhyming clue to find a name that’s famous twice over:

Lawmen in hats
And guys swinging bats.

34. By what more familiar name do we know the paisano or chaparral cock?

35. What is the exact date of Juneteenth?

36. Which of the following golfers is not a native Texan?
A Lee Trevino
B Phil Mickelson
C Ben Crenshaw
D Ben Hogan


37. What is the error in the following sentence? “Abducted by Apache in 1836, nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker later married a warrior and had three children, including Quanah Parker, who became the last chief of the tribe.”
A Quanah Parker was the last chief of the Comanche.
B Historical documents indicate Cynthia was fourteen and ran away.
C Cynthia Ann Parker was the wife of Quanah Parker.
D There is no error; the sentence is accurate.


38. Which of these foods was not invented in Texas?
A Fritos
B chili
C red grapefruit
D maroon carrots
E burritos


39. Fill in the blank: “If I owned ______ and Texas, I’d rent out Texas and live in ______ .” — attributed to General Philip Sheridan, circa 1867


40. What year did Texas become the second-biggest state?
A 1845
B 1936
C 1959
D 1963


41. On back roads, many drivers signal to others cars by lifting only one or two fingers while keeping their hands on the wheel. What do Texans call this gesture?
A the West Texas wave
B the sumbitch salute
C the hi sign
D the bird

42. What is wrong with the phrase “Rio Grande River”?

43. Name the company whose 2001 collapse rocked Houston.

44. What late, great Texas musician was the first spokesman for the state’s “Don’t Mess With Texas” anti-litter campaign?
A Bill Haley
B Stevie Ray Vaughan
C Doug Sahm
D Waylon Jennings


45. In the TV miniseries of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, who played Gus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call?


46. What event was front-page news for 51 days in 1993?


47. What extended from the Rio Grande, through San Antonio and Fort Worth, all the way to Abilene, Kansas?


48. Name the three other passengers in JFK’s limousine on November 22, 1963.


49. Match the Spanish word with its English definition:
A maquiladora 1. good (or hello)
B bracero 2. three milks (a type of cake)
C tres leches 3. beer
D amarillo 4. factory
E bueno 5. laborer
F cerveza 6. yellow
G conjunto 7. group


50. Match the person to the crime of which he or she was convicted:
A Jean Lafitte 1. murder
B O. Henry 2. horse theft
C Leadbelly 3. piracy
D Willie Nelson 4. embezzlement
E Belle Starr 5. possession of marijuana


51. What Houston dance hall co-starred with John Travolta and Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy?


52. Texans generically refer to any soft drink as:
A a soda
B a pop
C a Coke
D a tonic


53. True or false: This is how the Alamo appeared at the time of the 1836 battle.


54. Which of the following athletes did not win an Olympic gold medal in track?
A Michael Johnson
B Carl Lewis
C Hallie Stilwell
D Babe Didrikson


55. What is a Texas tuxedo?


56. This is a picture of the first woman executed in Texas since the Civil War. Name her.


57. What was called the Eighth Wonder of the World when it opened in 1965?


58. What is a quinceañera?


59. The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls. What team did they beat two years in a row?


60. Which of these Texas movie titles best sums up the presidential administration of Lyndon Baines Johnson?
A Terms of Endearment
B Semi-Tough
C Days of Heaven
D Dark Command


61. True or false:
A Howard Hughes fathered daughters with actresses Jean Peters and Terry Moore.
B Prickly pear cactus, if de-spined, is edible.
C Rattlesnakes lay eggs.
D A prairie dog is really a rodent.
E A horny toad is really a reptile.


62. Below is the familiar logo of a venerable Texas product. Is it correct as depicted here?


63. List three Larry McMurtry novels that were made into feature films.


64. What major outdoor event begins in most of Texas in early November?


65. Who was the only Texas governor to win three consecutive terms?
A George W. Bush
B John Connally
C James Ferguson
D Allan Shivers


66. In 1984 a University of Texas student used $1,000 to start an Austin business that in 2004 reported revenues of almost $37 billion. Identify him and his company.


67. The worst natural disaster in U.S. history occurred in Texas in 1900. Identify the type of disaster and the town it destroyed.


68. A common Texas nickname for boys is “Bubba,” which is baby talk for:
A baby
B brother
C buddy
D Beelzebub


69. Since 1982, when the death penalty was reinstated, Texas has executed more inmates than any other state. How many had been executed as of June 7, 2005?
A 267
B 345
C 514
D 720
E 908


70. These are statements about the Texas Revolution that were once accepted as fact. Which one do modern historians believe is not bunk?
A. William Barret Travis drew a line in the sand.
B. Emily Morgan, the “Yellow Rose of Texas,” seduced Santa Anna in his tent at San Jacinto.
C. Santa Anna intended to execute surviving Alamo defenders.
D. Susanna Dickinson was the only woman in the fort.


71. In 1962 Texas humorist and radio broadcaster John Henry Faulk sued for libel and was awarded $3.5 million, at that time the largest libel judgment ever. Why did Faulk sue in the first place?
A A rival broadcaster had hinted on the air that he was homosexual.
B A rival broadcaster had accused him of having to steal material because he was “a rube from Texas.”
C A New York gossip columnist alleged that as a young man he had belonged to the Ku Klux Klan.
D An ultraconservative group had gotten him blacklisted as a Communist sympathizer during the red scare of the fifties.


72. What Texas city has a Latin name?


73. In July 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Who stayed behind to pilot Apollo XI?


74. These five Texas lawsuits ultimately resulted in decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court. Match each case with its subject:
A Turner v. Big Lake Oil
1. offshore land rights
B U.S. v. Texas (1950) 2. flag burning
C Sweatt v. Painter (1950) 3. abortion
D Roe v. Wade (1973) 4. damages caused by oil-field wastes
E Texas v. Johnson (1989) 5. racial segregation at UT’s law school


75. Match the name with the correct animal:
A Reveille 1. legendary quarter horse sire
B Buttermilk 2. cougar
C Bevo 3. collie
D Shasta 4. performing quarter horse
E Shamu 5. Scottish terrier
F Barney 6. Longhorn
G Steel Dust 7. killer whale


76. True or false:
A The top speed limit on the state’s roadways is 65.
B The legal drinking age is 21.
C Houston surgeon Michael DeBakey performed the first human heart transplant.
D Texas A&M is the oldest public university in Texas.
E The final battle of the Civil War was fought in Texas.
F The Texas Capitol dome is taller than the U.S. Capitol dome.


77. There are three ingredients in a margarita. Two are tequila and lime juice. What is the third?


78. Solve this rhyming riddle to find a familiar two-word phrase: Favored brew, Sayles movie too.


79. Match the wealthy families with their hometown:
A Hunt, Perot 1. Houston  
B Harrington, Bivins 2. Dallas
C Hobby, Brown, Root 3. Fort Worth
D Bass, Carter 4. Amarillo


80. What company launched in 1972 owes its success, at least in part, to hot pants?


81. What nickname is shared by the Quitman native who won the 1980 Oscar for best actress and the former state legislator who was nominated for the vice presidency at the 1972 Democratic National Convention?


82. Texas leads the nation in all of the following agricultural products but one. Which one?
A roses
B cattle
C marijuana
D cotton


83. What nickname precedes the surnames Avery, Cobb, Rickard, and Schramm?


84. Rick Perry is our current governor. Name three of the previous four.


85. Name the animal and the man who have won the Triple Crowns of horse racing and auto racing, respectively.


86. If you uproot a Russian thistle and let it dry, what do you have?


87. The title of one of these classic Texas songs was inspired by a catchphrase of John Wayne’s in the movie The Searchers (1956). Which one?
A “Mal Hombre”
B “If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time”
C “That’ll Be the Day”
D “I Fought the Law”


88. On May 15, 1916, 15,000 people gathered on the grounds of Waco’s city hall to do what?
A attend a free public concert by opera star Nellie Melba
B listen to a fiery speech by temperance leader Carrie Nation
C watch the lynching of a black teenager convicted of raping and murdering a white woman
D catch a glimpse of captured Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who was being transferred to the city’s federal building


89. Which of the following is the colorful Texas oilman who inspired the character Jett Rink in Edna Ferber’s novel Giant?
A Glenn McCarthy
B Cormac McCarthy
C Slim Pickens
D Boone Pickens


90. What is the name of the alfresco automotive sculpture west of Amarillo?


91. At what Dallas company was Jack Kilby employed when he invented the integrated circuit in 1958?


92. To what sport do the terms “eight seconds” and “free hand” apply?


93. To what game does the expression “eighter from Decatur” apply?
A poker
B pool
C dominoes
D craps


94. By what names do we now know the following sports teams?
A Houston Colt .45s
B San Diego Rockets
C Minnesota North Stars
D Houston Oilers
E Dallas Chaparrals
F Washington Senators
G Dallas Texans


95. Give the name of the Dallas resident whose home movie of the Kennedy assassination now resides in the Smithsonian.


96. A famous breakfast cereal king established what he considered a model community in Texas. He named it:
A Graham
B Oatmeal
C Wheatland
D Post City


97. What are Limousin, Simmental, Zebu, and Belted Galloway?


98. At various times the late, lamented Southwest Conference included college teams from three states. Name the states.


99. What bevy of 32 is the most famous group of women in the state?


100. Who is La Llorona?

Extra credit #1

Which one of these words rhymes with Jim Bowie’s last name?
A gooey
B doughy
C Maui
D Bob

Extra credit #2

What color are peanut patties and the granite of the Texas Capitol?

Extra credit #3

What do singer Selena, actress Sharon Tate, and atheist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair have in common?

Extra credit #4

Fill in the missing word on this bumper sticker seen in South Texas farming country: “Eat more ______ . Idaho potatoes make your butt too big.”

Extra credit #5

Fill in the blank:
“I may be a little fellow, but my ______ is big as Texas.” —Michael Jackson, singing “ABC,” 1977

Extra credit #6

Fill in the blank:
“He can’t help it. He was born with a silver ______ in his mouth.” —Ann Richards on George H. W. Bush, 1988

Extra credit #7

Fill in the blank:
“Give me an army of West Point graduates and I’ll win a battle. Give me a handful of Texas ______ and I’ll win the war.” —General George S. Patton, circa 1944

Extra credit #8

A classic blues song is named after a Southern Pacific train that once passed the prison farm near Sugar Land on its way from Houston to San Antonio, El Paso, and ultimately San Francisco. What is the song’s title?

Extra credit #9

Fill in the blank: “If the King’s English was good enough for ______ , it’s good enough for me!” —Governor Miriam “Ma” Ferguson, circa mid-twenties

Extra credit #10

What Oscar nominee wrote the screenplays for To Kill a Mockingbird, Tender Mercies, and The Trip to Bountiful?

Extra credit #11

Stephen F. Austin is called the Father of Texas. What does he have in common with Governor James Ferguson, Governor W. Lee O’Daniel, and oilman C. M. Joiner?

Extra credit #12

Who shot J.R.?