Roberto Parada, who illustrated the seven Where I’m From profiles, was born in North Arlington, New Jersey.

Executive editor Mimi Swartz (“Midnight in the Garden of Memory,” was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Senior executive editor Paul Burka (“I of the Storm,” was born in Galveston.

Writer-at-large Oscar Casares (“Christmas in Brownsville,”) was born in Brownsville.

Associate editor John Spong (“Embarrassment of Riches,”) was born in Durham, North Carolina.

Marc Burckhardt, who created the portrait of Willie Nelson, was born in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

Contributing photographer Peter Yang (“Start Here,”) was born in Taipei, Taiwan.

Senior editor Michael Hall (“Army Brat,” was born at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina.

Executive editor Skip Hollandsworth (“Y’all Come Back,”) was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Senior editor Gary Cartwright (“The Lost City,”) was born in Dallas.

Contributing photographer Wyatt McSpadden (“Flatlander,”) was born in Amarillo.

Writer-at-large Jan Reid (“Me of Little Faith,”) was born in Abilene.

Artie Limmer, who photographed homecoming in Spur (“Y’all Come Back,”), was born in Slaton.

Writer-at-large Sarah Bird (“Mass Appeal,”) was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz (cover) was born in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Editor Evan Smith (“Where I’m Of,” and Texas Monthly Talks) was born in Queens, New York.

Editorial assistant Jordan Breal, who interviewed famous Texans for “Start Here,” was born in Fort Worth.