Want to capitalize on the incredible growth of commerce on the Internet? Look no further than the Texas companies that we believe are leading the push toward increased e-business and helping to usher in an age of greater choice and convenience. Last year, according to Gartner Group, a Web consulting and research firm in Stamford, Connecticut, consumers conducted $21.7 billion in online transactions, and that number should grow to $195 billion by the year 2000. That creates an opportunity for investors who want to cash in on the coming windfall. What are some of the hottest companies?

Intelliquest Information Group

(NASDAQ:IQST) . Share price on 1-21-99: 10 7⁄8

This Austin company provides technology firms with timely information relating to brand positioning and e-commerce trends among online consumers. Founder Peter Zandan predicts that Intelliquest is poised to take advantage of the “dynamic growth opportunities” in technology and the Internet. We agree.

Pegasus Systems

(NASDAQ:PEGS). Share price on 1-21-99: 31 1⁄2

Pegasus, which is headquartered in Dallas, offers global e-commerce and transaction-processing solutions to the travel industry. Its Web site, TravelWeb.com (www.travelweb.com), and its addition to the Microsoft Network’s Expedia travel site (www.expedia.msn.com) have given the company significant online distribution capabilities.

Sterling Commerce

(NYSE:SE) . Share price on 1-21-99: 40 3⁄16

Dallas-based Sterling serves the business-to-business e-commerce market. And unlike many Internet-driven companies, this one actually makes money. Its earnings for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1998, were $119.2 million—an increase in net income of 39 percent over fiscal year 1997. We see the potential for a continued strong performance as e-commerce proliferates.