HEARD OF BOB DOROUGH? The former Plainview resident’s early work never caught on with the record-buying public, yet many unsuspecting fans know him as the anonymous voice behind such animated Schoolhouse Rock vignettes as “Three Is a Magic Number.” Too Much Coffee Man, Dorough’s sophomore effort in his late-in-life jazz renaissance (he’s now 76) maintains his usual sunny poise, but he’s a far cry from the Ned Flanders of bop. His near-flippant delivery is underscored with a hip wink while talents such as saxophonist Phil Woods and bassist Ray Drummond ensure some forthright swing. Dorough is a first-rate pianist with an idiosyncratic vocal style, complete with a Southern twang and an almost otherworldly falsetto. On “The Coffee Song,” “Fish for Supper,” “I’ve Got Just About Everything” (the closest thing to a Dorough standard), and the title track (which pays tribute to cartoonist Shannon Wheeler’s creation), he weaves and scats his mouthfuls all around the rhythm. Dorough doesn’t interrupt the groove; he is the groove. And even on headier material like “Marilyn, Queen of Lies” he’s unmistakably having a great time. You will too. Jeff McCord