While most people pay their taxes on time and as required by law, some people do not. Taxes pay for essential public services, and without the anticipated funding actually coming in, school districts and municipalities struggle. It’s everyone’s responsibility to pay for education, police and fire protection, road construction and maintenance, and other vital infrastructure. About 2,300 state and local governments have partnered with Linebarger Goggan to help them avoid the dire consequences that naturally accompany revenue shortfalls.

It is a mistake to assume that everyone who does not pay cannot pay, or that they are somehow a victim. However, with that being said, Linebarger Goggan and its public-sector clientele certainly understand that people do experience serious financial hardships and sometimes need help finding ways to successfully resolve their past due financial obligations and comply with the law.   

And the last thing anyone wants to do is to try and collect a debt from the wrong person or from someone who has already paid or otherwise done what was required of them. Long-term success within the collection industry is intricately tied to paying meticulous attention to accuracy, always taking debtor inquiries and disputes very seriously, and holding one’s employees to the highest standards.   

“We’re members of the communities we serve and treat every delinquent taxpayer with dignity and respect because they are too,” says Lucy Canales, Managing Partner of Linebarger Goggan operations in the Valley.

Linebarger Goggan’s attorneys and collection staff are carefully selected and highly trained. The firm has zero tolerance for failure to treat debtors with respect and for failure to follow applicable collection laws and regulations.  And while such events are very rare, corrective action is a certainty, be it additional training or even immediate termination. “Our reputation and the future of our law firm literally depend upon how we treat our clients’ constituents” continues Canales, and “while we are obviously serious about maximizing recoveries on behalf of our government clients, we are also fully committed to doing so in a way that minimizes legitimate complaints – there is a balance that must be achieved.”  

The firm is quickly approaching its 40th anniversary; marking four decades of its commitment to principled work and to the communities they serve. A third of Linebarger Goggan clients have been with the firm for over 20 years and two-thirds for more than a decade. Jim Lewis, former McLennan County Judge, said “the beautiful thing about this company is the personnel. Whenever they shake your hand and tell you they’re going to do something, just get out of the way because they’re going to do it. You never have to go back to them and look over their shoulder. They’ll be there for you.”


Learn more about why America’s mayors trust Linebarger Goggan and why collecting delinquent taxes, fees and fines matters to Texas.


FACTIODS:  In 2009, PINK Magazine recognized Linebarger Goggan as one of the Top Companies for Women, and in 2004 the Texas Lawyer noted that their law firm was “the star” among the 25 largest Texas-based law firms when it comes to women and minorities.  Currently, a majority of their partners are women and minorities, and each year Linebarger Goggan spends millions of dollars with minority and women owned businesses throughout the United States.

Linebarger Goggan’s principal office is located in Austin, Texas.