Two Texans landed on Time Magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” list, which was released Wednesday

Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul and Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards share the spotlight with President Barack Obama, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, and political satirist Stephen Colbert. The list purports to collect “the people who inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world.”

Ralph Nader, no stranger to the presidential race himself, wrote Paul’s blurb:

Why does Congressman Ron Paul draw such large and enthusiastic audiences even though he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination? Because people like a politician without marbles in his mouth.

Paul does not censor himself. He comes across as sincere, earnest and independent of his party’s fat cats. In the debates, only he called out the American Empire’s meddling in the business of countless nations around the world. He assails the Pentagon’s bloated budgets and has worked with liberal Democrat Barney Frank to shrink the military-industrial complex. He wants to end our boomeranging wars.

Sandra Fluke, who gained recent fame after her congressional testimony prompted Rush Limbaugh to call her a slut, penned two paragraphs about Richards:

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, 54, is a role model for all of us as she leads women in pursuit of unfettered access to health care and reproductive freedom. She is also my advocate and that of every woman in America, as I learned firsthand when I was publicly disparaged for speaking out on an issue she has been working on every day for years.

Our most basic health care needs — needs that impact our families and our larger economy — are still being questioned. As we look to inspire the next generation of women to join this fight, we’re fortunate to have Cecile as our mentor. There is no better advocate.

In a release, Planned Parenthood noted that Richards made the list for the second year running.