Although rodeo athlete Ty Murray retired from the ring in 2002, he is busier than ever. The seven-time world all-around champion rider used his fancy footwork to impress viewers on the eighth season of Dancing With the Stars, and he’s been heavily involved in the Professional Bull Riders, an international bull-riding organization he helped found. But it’s the 39-year-old’s day job, as the owner of a cow-calf operation on the 2,200-acre ranch near Stephenville that he shares with his wife, the singer-songwriter Jewel, that keeps him tied to the day-to-day life of a cowboy. Before he rides out to check on cattle, a visit to one of his saddle houses is a must. “It’s where I keep all my tack,” says Murray. “I ride almost daily, so I’m always out here.” A two-mile trip in his dualie gives him access to chaps, bridles, reins, ropes, and a few other can’t-ride-without staples.

• I always keep a pair of binoculars with me. They can save you from riding a few thousand feet when you don’t have to.

• Jim Ricken’s Foot Formula mixed with DMSO will get rid of splints when my horses get them.

• Sulfa pills are antibiotics that vets prescribe for horses or cattle.

• Castor oil is really good for getting rid of warts on horses. I’ve never had a wart myself.

• This is a state-of-the-art radio. My mom listens to it when she’s out here bathing horses.

• I keep horse treats in this coffee can. They’re cookies for horses.

• Saddle Butter is a creamy leather conditioner that keeps my saddles or any kind of leather supple.

• When horses shed their winter hair, I use a currycomb to help them get slicked off for summer.

• Pyranha Spray n’ Wipe is like Off for horses. You spray them down before a ride to keep insects away.

• If a horse loses a shoe, I use these hoof nippers before I tack it back on.

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