Sometimes coaches resort to unusual tactics to energize their players.

Need we remind you that in 1992, former Aggies head coach Jackie Sherrill, then finishing his career at Mississippi State, had a 400-pound bull castrated on the practice field to fire his players up for the University of Texas game?

While UTEP coach Mike Price wisely didn’t go that far, to prepare his Miners for the Rice game in Houston on Saturday, Price had himself “arrested” in the middle of a practice.

Brett Bloomquist of the El Paso Times reports that a police car drove onto the field, handcuffed the head coach, put him in the back seat, and drove off. Price then returned to tell his players why it happened.

“They heard I had a super plan to shoot some white horned owls in Houston this weekend, so they arrested me. But I have a permit in Harris County, from the city of Houston, to shoot owls so they let me go.”

Of course, there is no such permit. (And Rice’s mascot, Sammy, is a “great horned owl.”)

Fans will have to wait until Saturday to see just which team found Price’s stunt more motivating.