If you saw a bright, dazzling light streaking across the Texas sky around 8 p.m. last night, you were probably witnessing a meteor.

“We know it wasn’t an airplane, so the most likely candidate is a meteor,” FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford told the Daily Oklahoman. “We’ve had reports of people seeing this ‘fireball’ from as far north as Oklahoma City and as far south as Houston.”

More than two hundred people contacted WFAA about the sighting, and many of those people in the Metroplex said they heard a sonic boom.

Over 130 people had reported the sighting to the American Meteor Society by noon on Thursday, and Mike Hankey compiled those sightings onto a map.

Little-River Academy Police Chief Troy Hess was in the middle of a traffic stop when his dashboard camera recorded the fireball. The Dallas Morning News‘ Bruce Tomaso spoke to Hess, who said it was the biggest shooting star he’d ever seen.

Hess’s department was soon inundated with calls about the object. “People thought it was a plane on fire or something,” Hess said.

Watch the awesome footage from Hess’s dash-cam: