WFAA in Dallas has the story of Jennifer Russell, who popped out her second child, Willow, while on the way up US Highway 287 from Waxahachie to a birth center in Mansfield. Behind the wheel, her husband Zachary not only drove the car, but caught all of the messy miracle of life on camera.

“I just kept making sure the frame was good, and that I was staying on the road” Zachary Russell told the station. “I’m surprised! I did real well.”

The Russells also said they’d probably keep the car until their daughter turned sixteen, so she could drive the very vehicle she came into the world in.

WFAA’s story has since been picked up nationally by ABC News, and by the New York Daily News, but here’s the original YouTube clip that turned the Russells into web celebs (it’s safe for work, but a tad graphic):