The latest campaign ad for Rick Perry is all about Anita. In “American Story,” the First Lady of Texas tells the tale of her old-fashioned small-town romance with Rick and their continued belief in “Christian values.”

But near the end, the governor makes a surprise cameo. Perry’s entrance, which Gawker described as a “catlike pounce,” suggests the governor has fully recovered from his back surgery, with his quick movement showing improved core stength and good range of motion. He’s also dressed all in black, looking like he might belong on Tom Cruise’s team in the latest Mission Impossible. “Perry looks rather like a cat burglar or a stagehand, and the whole thing is thoroughly awkward,” wrote Molly Ball at the Atlantic.

“This is a great ad but I must admit that I just about fell in [sic] the floor laughing at Rick’s entrance toward the end,” wrote The Right Scoop blogger. 

And yes, there is already an animated GIF.

Fox News reported that Anita has been campaigning in New Hampshire this week, and after the Perrys spend Christmas in Texas, the campaign’s Iowa bus tour will resume on December 27, with Anita hopping aboard on December 30 for the final stretch.