“WFAA’s News 8 Daybreak” sat down with 20 year-old “Sea of Shoes” blogger Jane Aldridge and TEXAS MONTHLY contributor Jason Sheeler, who profiles her in the April issue, this morning.

In addition to discussing Aldridge’s preference for living in Dallas and the fact that she can’t watch awards-show coverage (“I don’t have a TV…”) they have a laugh over Sheeler’s description of her having a “mean-girl tone.” 

“He had his hands all over my shoes… the ‘mean-girl tone’ was only referring to that moment!,” Aldridge says. 

“I felt bad for Jason, following me around,” she also says. “I think he thought that I was going to have a lot of fun and go shopping, but I was just on my computer the whole time.”

Watch the video below, and read Sheeler’s story, “The World at Her Feet,” here