Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs is the subject of a new A&E Biography documentary set to air Monday night.

The program follows Jeffs from his childhood as the favored son of FLDS leader Rulon Jeffs to his years on the lam and protracted legal battles in Utah and Texas. “As the leader of a radical polygamous sect, Jeffs led by example; among his seventy wives were his own stepmothers as well as teen and pre-teen girls. When called to account for allegedly arranging illegal marriages between his followers and underage girls, Jeffs fled, landing on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List,” the program’s website says.

Jeffs began serving sentence of life plus twenty years in Palestine’s Powledge Unit after his conviction last August of two counts of child rape. But Jeffs remains in control of the religious sect from behind bars. His 10,000 followers are “going to do exactly what Warren Jeffs tells them to do, whether its from a pulpit or a jail cell,” Texas Ranger Brooks Long says in the preview clip.

WATCH the trailer and a clip from the show below: