THE GREENCARDS—so named because they’re two Australians and one Brit—got together in 2002 in Austin, where their organic acoustic pop garnered instant acclaim. Recently they deserted their adopted hometown for Music City with an eye on the big time. A good idea? If you count touring with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson and a record deal upward career moves. WEATHER AND WATER (Dualtone) dabs on just the right amount of Nashville polish while retaining the band’s plain-folks charm. There’s nothing that original about this music—breakneck bluegrass alternates with quieter ballads—but few manage it with such aplomb. Weather will deliver new converts, even if it proves to be the Greencards’ undoing. Bassist Carol Young’s genial vocals are such standouts that soon some Nashville weasel will whisper in her ear, “Why are you wasting time with these guys?”