Welcome to the TM Daily Post, an online destination devoted to organizing, prioritizing, and analyzing the news of Texas every day. We’re glad you’re here! At the TM Daily Post, we know how much information you have to sort through every day, and we want to help.

Since 1973, Texas Monthly has been a trusted source of informed opinion and trustworthy journalism about the subjects that matter most to this state. Starting today, we’ll be using that well-honed editorial judgment and expert knowledge of the state, to sift through a wide range of sources, from metro papers and small-town weeklies to news sites, TV and radio broadcasts, research journals, city magazines, college newspapers, blogs, Tumblrs, tweets, and more, in order to keep you posted on what’s happening all across Texas.

But our goal is not just to tell you what’s happening in the state—we want to try and bring you a sense of what people are saying about the news.

When Texas Monthly was founded, one of the animating ideas behind it was that our state has so much shared identity that it’s essentially a very large city, with the different urban areas constituting the city’s various neighborhoods. People in Dallas and Amarillo and Brownsville and Austin care about what happens in Houston and Midland and San Antonio and El Paso. We still believe in this idea. We see the news stories and blog posts and comments  and tweets that surround us every day as a giant community’s ongoing conversation with itself, and we hope the TM Daily Post will become your guide to that conversation.

We also hope this site will help you save time. In the editor’s note of that the very first issue of Texas Monthly, the magazine’s founding editor, William Broyles, Jr., wrote, “If our readers have ever finished the six o’clock news or the daily paper and felt that there was something more, then they know why we started Texas Monthly.” To which we add: If our readers have ever felt like they couldn’t keep up with the daily paper, the six o’clock news, the fifteen websites they have bookmarked, their RSS feed, their Twitter stream, their text and email alerts, and the podcasts piling up on their smartphones, then they know why we started the TM Daily Post.

Here you’ll find all the things that Texans are interested in: politics, sports, business, entertainment, the environment, religion, history, food, crime, and more. If you have questions about how the site works, our FAQ should be able to answer them. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we welcome your feedback. Or if you want to email us about what you like or dislike about the site, or if you have story suggestions or corrections to send, you can reach us at [email protected].

Thanks for reading!

Jake Silverstein
Editor, Texas Monthly