Even in the insane creativity of 1967’s Summer of Love, they were peerless: Sly (Sylvester Stewart) and his multiracial, multigendered Family Stone band electrified the world, rolling everything from doo-wop to acid rock into upbeat soul. Yet by 1974, the group was in splinters, and Sly—fighting drug addiction and the onset of disco—would practically vanish. Until now. A Grammy Awards tribute concert last year lured the Denton native briefly back into the spotlight, and in January he appeared with his sister Vet’s band (Family Stone, natch). This month Epic Legacy is reissuing the original band’s seven albums (A Whole New Thing, Dance to the Music, Life, Stand!, There’s a Riot Going On, Fresh, Small Talk), and Sly has even claimed to be working on an album himself. The reclusive genius may just take us higher once again.