Curious where the highest paid college professors in Texas work? The Chronicle of Higher Education went to the trouble of putting together a list that ranks salaries at 1,251 of the nation’s colleges and universities. The salary data comes from an annual survey conducted by the American Association of University Professors.

Top Average Salary for Tenured Professors in Texas

1. Rice University – $159,500
2. University of Texas at Dallas – $142,400
3. University of Texas at Austin – $140,700
4. Southern Methodist University – $136,900
5. University of Houston – $128,800
6. Texas A&M at College Station – $120,000
7. Texas Christian University $119,500
8. Baylor University $115,900
9. University of Texas at San Antonio $115,300
10. Trinity University – $114,400

For the full list, which contains 50 Texas colleges and universities and includes associate and assistant professor salaries, visit the Chronicle of Higher Education.