The Crush Girls

a pro-Farenthold website, Blake’s Pajamas

Ortiz tried to make a huge campaign issue out of it, calliing it “the S&M party) and because of that, the promoter of the party briefly floated the possibility of a defamation lawsuit against him (it didn’t ultimately happen).

Farenthold earned a 2010 Bum Steer for the photo, but it didn’t stop him from beating Ortiz in 2010

“It wasn’t that bum of a steer,” he told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. “I won.”

Farenthold won the Republian primary last month in a heavily redrawn (but possibly more republican leaning) District 27; two Deomcratic dandicated are still in a run-off for ther tight to face him in Novwember.

“I’m going to have to say that Tracy wore it best.  I think the color really works for him and the layered look is always a winner.  I’m all about people wearing comfortable clothes and truly expressing their own personal style with confidence!”

-Marla Mason Ross, 3rd generation owner- Adelante Boutique, San Antonio

I do not know what I think about these pajamas. I wouldn’t wear them

unless they had stars on them–and didn’t have footies. If my dad wore

these pajamas it would be pretty funny, but he couldn’t wear them outside.

Around the house would be okay–but NOT OUTSIDE.

Madeline Sweany, Texas Monthly summer intern, age 9