The vast majority of Texans pay their property taxes, traffic citations, parking tickets and tolls on time and as required by law. Unfortunately, there are a relatively small percentage of people who do not.

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP – a law firm headquartered in Texas, with offices located in communities throughout the state – helps hundreds of cities, counties and school districts in Texas recover their delinquent accounts receivable. These monies allow their government clients to both fund essential public services and ensure that everyone is complying with the law.

Because every Texan benefits from the public services that federal, state and local governments provide, it is only just that we all share in the underlying cost. The power of taxation must be fair and equitable to everyone or it will ultimately be challenged.

In a 2012 essay in Governing Magazine, former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith argued, forcefully, for the need for enforcement, even when our sympathies might push us in another direction.  He said “[a]ll responsible officials empathize with those without the capacity to pay what they owe. A family in which a mom has lost her job and now may lose her house evokes sympathy and concern,” and that particular fact situation would almost certainly warrant consideration for any relief or flexibility the law might allow.

Nonetheless, suggesting that elected officials cannot evade their responsibilities in light of that concern, Goldsmith wrote, “[a] public official who stands up on behalf of a broad reduction of enforcement essentially is deciding that those who play by the rules should subsidize those who don’t.” Governing Magazine

The Linebarger law firm helps its government clients throughout Texas and the United States enforce the law, recover the funds they are owed, and protect future revenue streams so they can deliver on the commitments made to their constituents. The firm’s more than 1,100 attorneys and employees work hard to represent their public sector clientele and do so in a manner which treats taxpayers with the respect they deserve. And, they recognize the simple fact that sometimes people are experiencing financial difficulties.

“We take our responsibilities to both our clients and all Texans very seriously.  Whether it is complying with the myriad of laws regulating the collection industry, or adhering to the strict ethical guidelines imposed on those of us who are fortunate enough to call ourselves officers of the court, I am proud of our overall record and long history of success” states Bridget Lopez, Managing Partner of Linebarger’s Dallas office.

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