PUT YOUR “Not Ready to Make Nice” T-shirt back in the closet: The Dixie Chicks aren’t coming to Texas in September or October after all. Something about poor ticket sales and sourpuss radio stations refusing to give the trio airtime. Thanks to the reshuffling of the “Accidents and Accusations” tour, fans in Dallas and Austin are left to hang on to the Chicks’ promise that they’ll visit in December instead (way to go, Houstonites—your date was abandoned altogether). How ironic that a state whose residents are brazenly unapologetic for who they are and what they think is no longer a safe haven for the women Time magazine said have “the biggest balls in American music.” Even if they aren’t conservative or country, their latest album, Taking the Long Way—soft rock at its harmonic best—is one of the year’s top sellers (more than 1.5 million copies), as well as a critical success (and not just in Canada). So why are we still boycotting them? Because we had our feelings hurt back in 2003? Boo-hoo. If Ozzy Osbourne can come back to San Antonio after what he did to the Alamo, surely we can forgive the Chicks for pooh-poohing the president.