While there were a lot of Texas athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games, the one who generated the most chatter on the Internet was probably a six-four volleyball spiker who is also a three-time NCAA outdoor high jump champion at the University of Texas, and a three-time San Antonio Express-News Sportswoman of the Year. Her name’s Destinee Hooker.

Which, if you have never heard of her before (as was the case for most people outside Texas), can’t help but be a little bit amusing. Especially on the Internet, where people have no filter, and the lowest common denominator rules.

Somehow, it was left to the gossip site TMZ, of all places, to tell everybody, “settle down.” They ran an interview with Hooker in which she said “When it comes to my name, I honestly find nothing wrong with it. I love my name … people can be childish.” 

Below, via Storify (and with a big assist from the search engine Topsy), some of the offending (and yes, at times, amusing) tweets: