There may be a wait for Austin’s next big thing. In what has to be one of the longest teases in rock history, VOXTROT has released its third consecutive EP. As in, just a measly three more songs. The group’s previous two EPs met with the kind of acclaim that would send most acts scurrying to the studio to get an album into the stores. Yet Voxtrot, which recently signed a deal with independent giant Beggars Group, has only just begun work on its full-length debut. Meanwhile, YOUR BIGGEST FAN (Playlouderecordings) is bound to stoke the fire. Front man Ramesh Srivastava, who put his band on a slow track by studying for a time in Scotland, sings in a twee rock vibrato, not unlike the Undertones’ Feargal Sharkey or, when things crank up, Pete Shelley, of Buzzcocks fame. Srivastava is a natural, talented singer, and the group’s material is even better; bands have had entire careers without creating three songs this good. These are taut and expertly arranged gems—sparkling, pulsating pop, from the hook-laden title track to the chamberesque closer. Voxtrot may or may not have a hit on its hands, but there’s no doubt it has set up some great expectations.