Your Photos of Harvey

"This was taken Monday morning in Brazoria County, just east of Lake Jackson. The detail you have to strain to see are the two buzzards on the roof. When I saw them, I said to my son—who was in the car—'There are the last responders.' I almost felt guilty because of the still beauty of the light and the reflection — knowing that at its essence this was someone's heartbreak."

Paul Hobby

When Hurricane Harvey brought devastating wind and rain to southeast Texas, many of the area’s residents stood witness. Despite orders to evacuate, many Texans stayed with their homes, watching as the storm uprooted their picket fences, flooded their streets, and submerged their highways. These powerful images, taken by readers during Harvey and its aftermath, help shed more light on the scope of the storm, depicting everything from sinking couches to a gator in the gutter. Read on to see the photos and experiences shared by readers, told in their own words.

Tags: Environment