Andrew Cashner is a capital-T Texan, y’all. The Baltimore Orioles pitcher and Conroe native, who played one brief season with the Rangers in 2017, is a “went-to-junior-college-in-Lufkin-before-transferring-to-TCU” kind of guy, an FFA/4-H kid who grew up on a ranch. And the way he dresses when he’s not on the mound seems to reflect that, while he’s up on the East Coast now, he’s still very much a Texan at heart.

His teammates have clearly noticed. The Orioles aren’t a good baseball team right now—with a .305 record, they are at the very bottom of the MLB standings—but being on a team that loses twice as many games as it wins is the sort of situation in which you need to make your own fun. For the Orioles, who are beginning a three-game road trip to Arlington against the Texas Rangers, that resulted in an epic event the team’s Twitter account declared “Dress like Cashner Day.”

Cashner himself is the fella in the middle of that group pic, wearing the Texas flag-themed blazer, cowboy hat, and big white sunglasses. Here he is again, in his full glory, looking the way so many of us feel whenever we are forced to spend time outside of our home state.

Let’s take a minute to celebrate the rest of the group, too, who—with their collection of wigs, hats, Wranglers, western shirts, bolo ties, and boots—clearly committed to the idea. (The guy in the rodeo clown makeup in the group photo definitely went next-level on the theme.) Look at all these dudes (and we do mean “dudes”):

The Rangers are, shockingly, in second place in the AL West, and—while there’s still a month to go before we even hit the All-Star Break—would find themselves in line for a wild card if the season were to end today. (They’re still eight and a half games behind the dominant Astros.) A three-game stand against a hapless Orioles team is probably good for their momentum, too—but even if the Rangers win the series, the Orioles are winning our hearts right now.