The ladies of The View remarked on the kerfuffle over the unfortunate “pubic” typo on the commencement programs for the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs during their Tuesday show.

“It’s just kind of fantastic—the University of Pubic Affairs,” Whoopi Goldberg quipped.

But it was Barbara Walters, the journalist who knew Johnson and interviewed Lady Bird many times, who had the last word. “You know what, Lyndon Johnson would love it,” she said, laughing. The exchange begins at 17:38

In a two-hour interview with Don Carleton in 2000, Walters recounted meeting Johnson:

I never interviewed Lyndon Johnson, but I tell you what I remember, I remember going into his office one day—I was just really beginning—and he had had to give up smoking, he’d had a heart attack. First of all he asked me if I wanted a Fresca, I didn’t know what it was, I mean now I know it’s a drink, I thought “What’s he asking me, ‘do you want a Fresca?'” and then he talked about smoking and he said—because he was so, all the stories about him being so, I don’t know what, open and outrageous sometimes—and he said I had to give up smoking and I said to the doctor I’d rather they cut off my sex. And I said “What?!”

(While still egregious, this typo is a common one, and media watcher Jim Romensko religiously chronicles when it appears. Typos on the covers of commencement programs are also shockingly common: just last year, Georgetown University’s programs referred to the school as “Georgetown Univeristy.”)