Earlier this month, Texas gas station and convenience store Stripes released—and quickly sold out of—Selena-themed commemorative cups. The fervor for the drinking vessels came as no surprise to anyone who observed the frenzy that briefly overtook H-E-B locations around the state in March, when the grocer unveiled its own tribute to La Reina del Tex-Mex. H-E-B’s $2 reusable shopping bags not only sold out in stores within moments, but promptly became the hot item on eBay, skyrocketing to prices as high as $100 for pink plastic bags with a screen-printed image of Selena Quintanilla-Perez emblazoned on the side.

The market for the Selena shopping bags has leveled out—they now command only a little over $25 per bag, a mere twelve-fold increase over their retail price–while Stripes’s cups tend to hover in the same range. And while there are a host of Texas retailers who have yet to hop on the bidi bidi bandwagon (your move, Whataburger!), don’t get confused: just because the hottest Selena-themed items around the state right now are limited-edition cups and bags doesn’t mean that’s the only random Selena-themed swag available for purchase. In fact, enterprising fans who want to honor the Queen of Tejano with their consumer choices can fall down a pretty deep rabbit hole of memorabilia of both the mass-produced and handmade varieties by perusing sites like Etsy and eBay (not to mention what you’ll find at flea markets and garage sales around the Lone Star State, which will go uncatalogued for the moment). In honor of what would have been Selena’s 47th birthday, we’ve curated some of our favorites from around the internet.

I Miss Selena A Lot tote bag

Far be it from us to undermine the cultural cachet of the H-E-B bags that so captured the hearts of Texans last month, but if you’re looking for a way to carry stuff around and show your enthusiasm for Selena, these very sincere handmade cotton totes out of San Antonio—emblazoned with universal statement “I Miss Selena A Lot”—offer what is ultimately likely to be a more durable solution than the plastic grocery bags. At $15, and with various color schemes available, these are a bargain compared to the eBay prices for the H-E-B bags.

Selena air fresheners

Need a way to display your love for Selena? Drive a musty-smelling car? Resolve both situations at once with these strawberry-scented air fresheners, emblazoned as they are with an illustration of the singer’s likeness. Now you can prove your devotion to passing motorists, people who walk by your car, your Uber passengers, etc.—and smell great doing it!

Selena hair bow

If you’ve got a prom/quinceañera/wedding/no-occasion-you-just-love-Selena coming up, you can adorn your ‘do with one of these handmade bows, crafted with love by an artisan working in San Antonio out of printed grosgrain ribbon, alligator or french clips, and “extra bling.”

Seinfeld-themed Selena enamel pin

You know what else was popular in the nineties, along with Selena? Hit television comedy Seinfeld! Um, there’s really no other connection between the two, other than that they both start with the letters “se,” but that’s enough for this particular Etsy dealer to hustle up some pins that reinterpret the iconic yellow-and-red Seinfeld logo in Selena’s honor. (Bonus: this shop also offers the famous Selena/Slayer mashup shirts that you’ve undoubtedly seen before if you’ve made it this far into this post.)

Handmade Selena felt doll

Anybody who’s seen the film Selena knows that her connection to the Rio Grande Valley was special (they mention Harlingen at least four times). McAllen-based artisan FeltHappens pays tribute to her greatness by hand-sewing these sweet, stubby, palm-sized simulacra of the singer. Valley residents receive free shipping.

A dozen Selena-themed sugar cookies

There really is no better snack to serve at a Selena-themed party than cookies frosted with images such as Selena in her purple Alamodome outfit; the Selena logo on a white background; a Selena line-drawing portrait; a como la flor rose; and more, all individually wrapped so guests will open and enjoy them with the care that they (and their hefty $40 price tag) deserve. Purchase these weeks in advance of your event, as they are baked and decorated to order.

Hand-painted Selena denim jacket

Really, the only thing that’s not perfect about this jacket is that it’s not pink.

Collectible Selena-themed… spoons?

Sure, man. A metal spoon stamped with the words “como la flor” or “bidi bidi bom bom” is probably not really that much weirder than a grocery bag, all things considered.

Selena loteria card

The materials and size of the item are unlisted, but this loteria wall art card appears to be made out of Perler beads. The seller is based in Houston, but that’s about all we know. And since the asking price is $120 (plus a hefty $40 in shipping), we’d suggest caution before purchasing from an Etsy shop with no reviews. However, if you see this image and have to have it—and honestly we can’t blame you if you do—reaching out to the seller to find out exactly what they’re offering isn’t a bad idea.

A very earnest and very large handmade Selena keychain

Some of the items for sale are breathtaking in their craftsmanship. Others showcase a perfect match of technical proficiency and enthusiasm for the artist in whose honor they were constructed. And then, uh, there’s this: a very large keychain featuring a small portrait of the singer, surrounded by craft store poms and tassels. It is very colorful, and whoever made it clearly loves Selena very much.