Slim Thug, the Northside Houston rapper, unveiled “U of H Fight,” a collaboration with Bun B and Paul Wall, on Twitter last week. His reasons were simple enough: this season, the team gave the city something to be proud of, and “Because I’m from Houston and the name of my mixtape thats coming out Dec.22nd is titled Houston it’s only right for I rep for U of H,” he tweeted.

David Roth of The Classical weighed in on the song, writing, “it is actually kind of good.” He goes on to note Bun B’s position as a Rice University adjunct professor, joking that “this song could’ve torn Conference USA apart if Houston hadn’t dipped out for the Big East . . . Also given that Bun B has been rapping about pimping since I was seven years old, this is also pretty open-minded of Houston.”

Minds both closed and open discussed the tribute on Joey Guerra’s post about the song.

“I personally wouldn’t want Slim Thug or the Grill Guy to be associated with the place that I hold a degree from,” one commenter, “Peace Out,” wrote. (The “Grill Guy,” Paul Wall, actually attended U of H. He also recently dropped by the University of Houston Libraries’ special collections to check out preparations for its “DJ Screw and the Rise of Houston Hip-Hop” exhibition, which opens on March 19.)

Another commenter came to the song’s defense writing, “If you dont like/care for rap particularly so much, fine, its not my cup of tea either BUT this is freakin awesome. Dont forget, this is a TIER ONE University in the 3rd Ward of Houston, TX . . . this fits fairly well with the current culture of the University, and if you dont like it, sorry.”

But since the song first dropped, nothing good has happened to the Cougars. They got trounced at home by Southern Mississippi in the Conference USA championship game, plummeting from No. 6 in the BCS rankings and a likely Sugar Bowl appearance to  No. 17 and the Ticket City Bowl. Head football coach Kevin Sumlin may or may not be leaving for a better job, and record-setting quarterback Case Keenum was not even among the the top five in the Heisman Trophy balloting (meaning he was not invited to appear at tomorrow’s ceremony in New York). Even the basketball team—remember when Houston was all about its basketball team?—got beat by Texas State on Tuesday.

On the other hand, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire came out with a Houston Texans tribute track (called “Houston”) two weeks ago, and injuries aside, the city’s NFL team is doing just fine.