Former Texas Board of Education chair and creationist Don McLeroy dropped by The Colbert Report Monday night to promote The Revisionaries, the new documentary about the State Board of Education.

Stephen Colbert and McLeroy discuss his view that creationism is the “simplest explanation” for how life exists on this planet. The six-minute clip also touches upon Texas’s outsized influence in textbook publishing and textbooks and the idea that dinosaurs and humans walked side by side.

Evolutionists believe that “unguided natural processes” led to the development of such complex life forms, McLeroy says, an argument he does not buy. But even more fraught for McLeroy is atheists explanation for how the world exists: “The atheists have the biggest problem. They have to have something come from nothing. I teach my fourth grade Sunday school class what Jonathan Edwards described: nothing is what a sleeping rock dreams of.”

Colbert asks McLeroy to explain how textbooks are written—the SBOE votes on curriculum standards and the textbook publishers incorporate those standards into their work. This explanation leads Colbert to quip “I have always been a fan of reality by majority vote.”