Yup. Austin has finished first in a survey by the website Payscale of cities where employees are “most likely to date the boss.”

No word if the UT athletics department, where former women’s track and field coach Bev Kearney and football offensive coordinator Major Applewhite have both admitted to relationships with students, was included in the methodology, though “college/university” was one of the employer categories.

Applewhite’s experience aside, Austin failed to crack the “Most Likely to Have a Fling At Work” ranking, and also did not rate in the Top 10 for “Most Likely to Find Love At Work.” 

“College coach” was also not a top profession in the survey. “Lodging managers” were most likely to date the boss (which is still probably smarter than dating the guests), while the most fling-prone professions were artists, cooks and welders.

Houston finished #10 on the “Most Likely to Date the Boss” list (as Richard Connelly of the Houston Press‘s “Hairballs News” first noted). And San Antonio ranked tenth for “Most Likely to Find Love.”