One Track Mind is a minicolumn in which writers dive deep into a track from a new or forthcoming Texas album.

Hannah Jadagu’s “Admit It” is the rare confessional R&B song that focuses on familial—rather than romantic—love, which it turns out can be just as fraught as the other kind. It’s about a time when, Jadagu says, she “didn’t know how to be there for the person who is usually there for me”—her older sister, Tymie. Growing up in a Zimbabwean immigrant family in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, Jadagu fell in love with artists Tymie was listening to, such as Alicia Keys and Future. Now an undergraduate at New York University, Jadagu channels that sound into a track that focuses on a moment when she let Tymie down. Jadagu favors the slow, dreamy side of indie R&B, but her rapid-fire delivery of the chorus conveys the anxiousness of seeking forgiveness. Just don’t expect her sister to get all emotional about it. Upon first hearing “Admit It,” Tymie offered a one-word response: “Cool.” Jadagu smiles and says, “Maybe Tymie will actually cry when it comes out.”