A phone video of a woman dancing on a treadmill filmed at an El Paso gym has gone viral, receiving almost a million hits on YouTube, the El Paso Times reported.

While on first viewing the one-minute, nineteen-second video looks like it was recorded without permission, Robert Gonzalez assures the paper he had the permission of the video’s star, Nichole Harris.

“I actually went up and told her how amazing it was,” Gonzalez told the El Paso Times. “She said it was fine if I recorded it her, just as long as she didn’t see it because she didn’t want to get nervous.”

Harris, who dances during her workouts at the Planet Fitness on El Paso’s Joe Battle Boulevard, was not available for comment for the piece because she was in New York taping an interview with Inside Edition. No word on whether she was inspired by OK Go’s famous treadmill dancing video.