Kacey Musgraves has spent 2018 staking her claim to the legacy of proudly defiant women in country music. Mostly, she’s done that by releasing Golden Hour, an album that’s a lovely, contemplative F-you to the Nashville sound. In those thirteen songs, Musgraves sings with a wistful melancholy about subjects that other artists over-romanticize, like their hometowns and their families. With the music video for “High Horse,” the stand-out disco track (yes, disco) on her breakthrough album, she lays claim to the mantle of artists like Dolly Parton with a more direct nod: An updated take on the 1980 classic 9 to 5 (which starred Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda), full of 1980s women in plaid shoulder-padded jumpsuits, pointed collars, and feathered hairdos. In a wood-paneled office, they smoke indoors, write notes with disco-ball pens, and endure a creepy twerp with a bad mustache for a boss.

The video is stylish—as Texas Monthly writer Doyin Oyeniyi notes, Musgraves effortlessly transitions from her work bodysuit to her party bodysuit—and fully consistent with the retro vibe of “High Horse.” Musgraves and her 1980s ladies suffer through tacky come-ons from the men in their office (including the boss, aptly named “Dickerson”) with smiles, grace, and elegance, even as they dream of heading over to the karaoke bar at the end of their shift to get away from the creeps under the lights of a stunning array of disco balls. By the time Musgraves struts out of the bar in a glittery bell-bottomed jumpsuit astride a beautiful white horse, it’s clear that there’s not a 9 to 5-inspired attempted murder subplot coming, but at least the daydream carried her through to the end of the work day.