Maren Morris is having a good 2018. That comes after a good 2016, when she broke through on country radio with her debut album Hero—which helped her win the CMA award for New Artist of the Year—and a good 2017, during which she nabbed her first Grammy and went on her first headlining tour. So far this year, her first single has topped the pop charts (that’s “The Middle,” her collaboration with pop artists Zedd and Grey), and a whole lot of the music world is looking to see what Morris will do next.

If you’re among those eagerly anticipating her new album, you’re going to have to keep waiting—but she did release a new music video for “Rich,” the latest single from Hero. “Rich” is a poppier tune than the album’s Grammy-winning lead single, “My Church,” or its Grammy-nominated follow-up single, “I Could Use a Love Song.” That timing makes some sense for Morris, who’s only the fourth country artist to follow up a number one song on the Country Airplay chart by taking the top spot on the Pop Songs charts (after Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, and Taylor Swift—although a few additional pop artists have crossed over in the other direction). A song that references Prada, Diddy, and parking a Benz in your driveway may not be country music the way that Hank done it, but it sure works for Morris.

To both remind fans who are coming to her music from “The Middle” that she’s actually a country star and to reassure country fans who worry that she’s the next Taylor Swift, Morris keeps things more traditional in the video—in fact, it’s downright old-school. Morris wears a series of vintage Western outfits that starts with a duster and a cowboy hat, and wanders a set that could have come out of a John Ford movie. It’s a little anachronistic to see her standing in front of a Victrola or riding a horse and pulling a black-hatted villain (played by her real-life husband, fellow country star Ryan Hurd) while singing about “sitting on a big-ass pile of dimes,” but Morris is definitely paving a career path for herself that pulls from a whole range of influences, so it somehow still feels right.

As for news on when Morris’s next album drops, or what it’ll sound like, we still don’t have any. That Morris and her label are still investing resources into music videos from the two-year-old record suggests that a new album probably isn’t imminent. It bodes well for Morris, though, that country radio is still finding room to be excited about tracks from Hero.