The newest game from Dallas’ Digifx Entertainment is ready for prime time. In Mission to Nexus Prime, whose storyline has been crafted by Star Wars author Timothy Zahn, you command your troops through a series of battles to gain control of planet Nexus Prime and its complex network of wormholes while navigating such topographical hazards as quicksand and lava runs. Look for Mission in stores this summer.

Houston’s NowTV, whose specialty is games that can be played over the Internet, will soon release the newest version of Tank Battle. The action game pits you in your tank against other online players in theirs, and thanks to VRML, or virtual reality modeling language, it has a three-dimensional feel. To get tanked, visit the company’s web site at http://www., later this month.

Monsterbit Media is breaking ground—so to speak—with its newest enhanced CD. To benefit the Honor the Earth movement, which preserves Native American homelands, the Austin company is producing a disc featuring the songs of eco-friendly bands; pop it in your CD-ROM drive and you’ll see footage of the 1996–97 Honor the Earth tour featuring the Indigo Girls and an interactive presentation on the environment. The as-yet-untitled release should be in stores by year’s end.