When she works in Texas, Berlin-born Nastassja Kinski brings a link to her native Europe. When she made Paris, Texas in 1984, her comrade was German director Wim Wenders; this time, it was Italian director Antonio Tibaldi. In August and September Kinski was in Austin shooting Little Boy Blue, the story of a young man’s struggle for happiness in a dysfunctional family. Ryan Phillippe (White Squall) is the troubled teen; John Savage plays an emotionally scarred Vietnam veteran. The film may debut at the Sundance Film Festival next January.…The bio-pic Selena started filming in San Antonio and Corpus Christi this summer. Jennifer Lopez (Money Train) portrays the slain tejano singer, and Edward James Olmos is her father-manager, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. Olmos reportedly is putting on 85 pounds for the part. ¡Buen provecho! Look for Selena next summer.…Tom Berenger will be in Palestine, Conroe, and Bandera this fall shooting The Rough Riders, a TV mini-series directed by John Milius (who co-wrote Apocalypse Now). Berenger plays Teddy Roosevelt in his late thirties, before he was our nation’s portly twenty-sixth president—no weight gain necessary. The Rough Riders will air sometime next year.