“And don’t forget to come back next week for the Greensheet Awards. Everybody in Austin can win something if you just stick around long enough in this town. A lot of people dressed up tonight and a lot of people didn’t give a s—t, did they? Nobody’s going to work tomorrow, right? Call in sick, it’s South by Southwest! ‘I can’t work—I can’t find a parking spot!’”Kerry Awn, comedian, at the Austin Music Awards

“He had as much impact on the Austin music scene as any individual. Maybe more than anybody else. That’s my opinion. I’ll just say that I love him and miss him.” Jimmie Dale Gilmore, musician, during a tribute to songwriter Townes Van Zandt at the Austin Music Awards

“When Dan got me a proper contract again at Columbia, I went in as a performer not just a record artist. I knew how to perform the songs. This takes years, unfortunately. It’s a big misconception today with the marketing people; what they do with a lot of young people. It hurts my heart and my mind. You know, you need time. The Rolling Stones or the Beatles said, ‘We’ll work for three years and we’ll never have to work again for the rest of our lives.’ What a terrible philosophy. As George Burns said, ‘If you’re going to retire what are you going to retire to?’ … As you get older you get better. And life becomes more precious and more wonderful. You don’t give up on life. You live it. We’re all in it together. And the more we get along with one another the greater it is.”Tony Bennett, singer, with his son and manager, Dan, during an interview at the Austin Convention Center

“I think our event reflects what Austin is. It’s not only the fact that I’m a native. All of us have lived here a really long time and really care about the Austin music scene, the city, and these clubs. And so do the people who come to South by Southwest.”Roland Swenson, SXSW organizer.