Mark: “They’ve mixed a lot of the Western side with the original, but they’re not original. And this right here is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. She’s doing mudras [hand movements] through the whole thing, but she’s not even doing the mudras right.”
Dan: “It’s nonsensical, the way they’re singing. They’re not singing any pitch or anything.”
Mark: “I have a lot of Russian friends, and if they saw this, they would laugh these people off the stage. They are con artists. They are right out of Gorky’s Lower Depths.” Mark Nowacki and Dan Long, audience members, at the Texas Union Ballroom after seeing Duo Zikr, traditional Eastern singers from St. Petersburg, Russia.

“I started at eight o’clock last night. I’ve had a nap or two at the airport. I’ve had a little downtime. It’s eight-thirty. Friday night, is it? I’ve suddenly got a monster week out here and I’ve got to kind of make hay while the sun shines.”Dan Geary, cab driver, outside Liberty Lunch.

“The worst thing in the world is a band that everybody knows is good, and everybody goes to see them and you can’t get in. Yet here you can walk down the street and duck in and see a good band. I saw Supermodel. They were good. I saw Marigold. I try to see as many bands as possible. It’s a good chance to see fifty a night. So you go in there and see one or two songs, and then if they get really big, you can say you saw them, y’know, when.”Michael Corcoran, music writer, watching the Damnations at the convention center.

“dc Talk rules. I like their guitarists. The music, and the words that God loves you and that you should obey Him. I get all kinds of stuff from their music: ‘Don’t be afraid to worship Jesus.’”Jeff Anderson, audience member, watching Christian rock band dc Talk with friends at the City Coliseum.

“The beat of the music itself is the same as most other alternative rock bands, basically. One song is about race relations. … Definitely not all their songs are like preaching or anything like that. Last year I saw Bush at Liberty Lunch. I had my earplugs on, but I still thought it was too loud. It must be because I’m over twenty-five now or something.”Michael D’Addeo, audience member, watching dc Talk with his son Anthony.

Satan’s Cheerleaders, rockabilly band, after a “Satanic Pep Rally” at the Black Cat Lounge.