Most nights it’s an ordinary shopping center, but during the months of May and June, Fort Worth’s Town Center Mall became a war zone. That was the principal location where Mickey Rourke, the brawl-prone star of 9 1/2 Weeks and Diner, knocked out the indie feature Recoil. Rourke plays a former Texas Ranger called in to rescue hostages held in the mall by a group of escaped convicts. Kevin Gage plays Rourke’s brother, who, inconveniently, is one of the bad guys. Recoil unfurls sometime next year.

A teenager defies her racist neighbors and tells the truth about a black child’s death in a small Southern town in the sixties: Not exactly a typical vehicle for Goldie Hawn, but Hope marks the comic actress’s directorial debut. Shooting in Houston this month, the made-for-TV movie stars Christine Lahti, J. T. Walsh, and Catherine O’Hara (who shot Waiting for Guffman and Home Fries in Central Texas). Hope springs on the TNT cable channel this October.

Another cable feature, Pascagoula, also shot this summer in Houston. Set in the eponymous Mississippi town, the USA Network film tells the story of a con artist (played by Rebecca De Mornay) who marries a man (William H. Macy) about to inherit a fortune. Macy—fresh off his Oscar nomination for Fargo—also co-wrote the script. You’ll be able to travel to Pascagoula in 1998.