Recently at a banquet at the Sheraton-Fort Worth, the Texas Institute of Letters announced its 1973 awards for literary excellence. Here are the winners:

. . . The Carr P. Collins Award for the best nonfiction book: Lewis L. Gould for Progressives and Prohibitionists, Texas Democrats in the Wilson Era.

. . . The Jesse H. Jones Award for best fiction book: a tie between Shelby Reed Hearon, The Second Dune, and Chester L. Sullivan, Alligator Gar.

. . . The Friends of the Dallas Public Library Award for the most useful and informative book in the field of general knowledge: Donald E. Green for Land of the Underground Rain, Irrigation on the Texas High Plains.

. . . The Stanley Walker Journalism Award for the best work of journalism: Elroy Bode for “The Making of a Legend,” published in the March 30, 1973, Texas Observer.

. . . The Short Story Award for the best short story: Michael Blackman for “The Golden Shadows Old West Museum,” published in the winter, 1973, Ohio Journal.

. . . The Texas Collectors’ Institute Award for best book design to William D. Wittliff of Encino Press for two books by A. C. Greene: A Christmas Tree and Dallas, The Deciding Years; and Sarah Morgan’s The Saga of Texas Cookery.

. . . The Voertman’s Poetry Award for the best book of poetry to Fania Kruger for Selected Poems.

. . . The Steck-Vaughn Award for the best book for children: Loula Grace Erdman for A Bluebird Will Do.