LEAVING THE COUNTRY THIS SUMMER? You can still get your fill of Houston artists. Sculptor Joseph Havel will be taking his solo exhibition of shirts and shirt fragments to Kiev’s Soros Center for Contemporary Art, and possibly to the Herzliyya Museum of Art in Israel. This month Havel’s shirt fragments will be part of the “Three Visions” exhibit at the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires alongside drawings and paintings on paper by Gael Stack and black and white photographs by Earlie Hudnall, Jr. And over in New Zealand, at the Auckland City Art Gallery, Helen Altman (who is from Fort Worth but is represented by a Houston gallery) will show her eleven-foot-high crackling fire-log exhibit in “Transformers—A Moving Experience.” Also in that show are the Art GuysJack Massing and Michael Galbreth—who, as usual, are up to the unusual. Inside each of their wood-and-glass boxes is a “pencil ball,” a sphere of pencils that draws on a paper lining when you move it around.