Gender reveal parties are a twenty-first-century curiosity. On the one hand, they’re social events that provide expectant parents Facebook- and Instagram-ready opportunities to celebrate the happy milestone of bringing a baby into the world with friends and family. On the other hand, they often perpetuate outdated social stereotypes of gender (will the cake be pink or blue once you cut it?), to say nothing of the implications for transgender and gender queer people in limiting identity to a binary proposition. Yet publicly broadcasting gender reveals has become a cultural tradition for a certain segment of the population, with the number of dedicated YouTube videos and party supplies spiking year after year since the first examples popped up on social media circa 2011.

If you’re a future proud mama or papa seeking the wildest possible way to announce “It’s a boy,” a couple in West Texas probably has you beat. Via News West 9 digital producer Victor Blanco, we have this video, in which, uh . . . actually, let’s just roll the clip:

Here is what you are looking at: a rodeo arena in Fort Stockton, where the gender is revealed by having two gigantic babies face off in a no-holds-barred rumble. The bald one in the blue kerchief represents a boy, while the girl wears a pink kerchief with her hair styled in lil’ buns. The two enormous, inflatable avatars of masculinity and femininity engage in single combat for a few seconds while the expecting couple’s guests cheer their favorite on. The boy triumphs, sending the girl into the dirt, where he continues beating her until there’s no doubt that the actual living baby-to-be will possess a penis.

If we’re going to be throwing these events, which we clearly are, we might as well go all out with them. This one is so spectacularly strange that it makes you feel a little sad for those who settled for pedestrian cakes or piñatas. The couple who threw this party clearly know how to put together a memorable event. The creativity and resourcefulness on display demonstrate that, whatever the future holds for the family, their kid will likely enjoy some pretty awesome birthday parties growing up.