Kam Franklin describes Everything Here, the latest release by the Suffers, as “a love letter to Houston.” A year after Harvey, the eight-piece band skillfully crafted a record that calls on a mix of musical styles as diverse as their beloved hometown.

The record weaves together stories of love, hardship, and perseverance—seemingly a reflection of Franklin’s path as a frontwoman. As the band worked to find its footing after forming in 2011, Franklin repeatedly heard that the world didn’t need another black female soul singer. But sold-out crowds, national media accolades, and a constant touring schedule prove that the world truly does need The Suffers.  A wowed David Letterman summed it up perfectly after their nationally televised performance in 2015: “If you can’t do [it like the Suffers], get out of the business.”

The Suffers remind us that Houston’s heroism resides in the diversity of its people. Soul, rock, reggae, and rap are artfully wrapped around universal truths with which we all identify. The Suffers stopped by Texas Monthly recently to perform “Sure to Remain” from Everything Here.