Mexico’s recent political unrest is the subject of a new CD-ROM from the University of Texas at Austin’s Advanced Communications Technology Laboratory, or ACTlab. The Revolution Will Be Digitized uses video, animation, art, and music to dress up an academic analysis of the Zapatista rebel movement. Due out this spring, the project will also deal with identity in the cyber age—a pet topic of ACTlab guru Sandy Stone.

Richardson’s 7th Level is finishing up Dominion, a sophisticated combat strategy game with three-dimensional animation. After blasting off from your home planet, you build your empire, fending off invading armies and colonizing everything in sight. Weapons at your disposal include robots and viruses (very nineties!). Dominion hits stores in March.

This spring, look for a multimedia soundtrack to 13th Millennia, a rock opera composed by San Antonian Lucky Tomblin and performed by Austinites Eric Johnson and Reese Wynans, among others. Produced by Texas World Records and designed by Firestation Studios—both of San Marcos—the project features music, video, and production notes.