Have you heard the one about the seven-foot tall wrestler who can’t tell a decent Aggie joke?

Sunday, World Wrestling Entertainment came to College Station’s Reed Arena, with Kevin Sumlin as the guest of honor. The A&M head football coach was either well-prepped or he really is a fan, judging from the tweet he sent out days before the SmackDown line-up got to town.

Sumlin was feted by current World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. “Thank you for being such a great coach for this amazing university,” the clean-cut Mexican blandly enthused.

“First of all, as a fan, it’s a big deal to receive this honorary belt in person from you,” Sumlin replied. “It’s an even bigger honor to receive this belt in front of the Twelfth Man, THE GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Y’know, sometimes, for us, it’s kind of like you–you run into people that just talk too much…”

This, naturally, was Big Show‘s cue. Cancel that recruiting offer!

“Pardon me for interrupting this incredibly boring ceremony,” he bellowed.


“We’ve got an illegitimate champion in Alberto Del Rio passing out symbolic world heavyweight championships to people that don’t deserve it.”


“Just because you’re some kind of football coach at a second-rate university…” 


“Most of you people are so stupid you can’t even chant ‘Big Show Sucks’ together. Why don’t you have a seat ringside and I’m gonna show you how a true champion, myself, destroys the wannabe champion Alberto Del Rio.”

Spoiler Alert: Del Rio and Coach Sumlin would prevail.)

Here’s an audience-shot version which includes most of the fun (H/T, Brent Zwerneman of the Chron & Express-News).

And, via the WWE’s official channel, a clip with better picture quality but much less action: