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This is Now

Feb 1, 1989 By Alison Cook

Looking forward to Jerry Jeff Walker’s second Luckenbach, looking into a new way to settle feuds, and looking back over the career of Texas’ most prolific unknown author.

Big Man, Small Town

Jan 1, 1989 By Alison Cook

An East Texas librarian learns the perils of shushing the wrong guy; Houston and Dallas put on the ritz for couture; and Citizen Butt picks the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Nov 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

Hieromania, the burning curiosity of glyphies; Post time in the race for Houston’s new gossip columnist; an unlikely car and an unlikelier trailer; the parking garage from hell.

Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1988 By Alison Cook

The bash of the century in Austin; new heights for an Alamo author; slouching toward Jerusalem, Texas; plus designer tomatoes, East Texas ingenuity, and Amazing Car #8.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

Downtown San Antonio get a makeover; two for T-shirts; a spine-tingling story of a racehorse; the real winners at the Miss U.S.A. pageant; the Brownies go to marketing.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

Grazing cheap and chic in Houston, Austin, and Dallas; tire-kicking at the Fizzlick liquidation boutique; returning a piece of Janis’ heart to Port Arthur.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Aug 31, 1987 By Alison Cook

On the cutting edge with Ollie North; Donna Rice on the cutting room floor; cutting corners to find good Vietnamese restaurants; and the gig ‘em gourmet cookbook, the Aggies’ unkindest cut of all.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jul 31, 1987 By Alison Cook

Let’s play pretend by swapping out Houstonians for Dallasites. Plus: Battling books, good Mex-Mex where you’d least expect it, and our guide to the latest legislative phrases (use ‘em three times and they’re yours!)

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jun 30, 1987 By Alison Cook

Not much happened at the Legislature, but that doesn’t mean they left no traces. Plus: Houston’s I’m OK, We’re OK Wortham bash, unlikely Texas TV stars, and Frank Lorenzo’s flight to cushier climes.

Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1987 By Alison Cook

Texas oil patchers bounce back; Houston artist Staley paints the art crowd; goat-gland genius Brinkley’s mansion casts its quirky spell. Plus: Caroline Schoellkopf’s marital woes, Tammy Faye Bakker’s impersonators, and Nancy Negley Wellin’s prodigal daughter.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 30, 1987 By Alison Cook

Houston ignores its AIDS crisis, Dallas restaurant gossips chew over hard times, San Antonio headline writers get their due. Plus: Chuck Robb’s blooper, Larry McMurtry’s sniffles, and Shearn Moody’s new taste in nightlife.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1987 By Alison Cook

Marty Wender can’t do anything wrong—and San Antonio loves him for it. Joe Russo can’t do anything right—and Houston loves him for it. Plus: pop paraphernalia, naming Henry’s baby, Poppin’ Pigskins, and Who Killed Mark White?

Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1987 By Alison Cook

Sneak a glance at our inaugural notebook to find out why Clements’ speech didn’t fly, which city had the most imperial ball, and who triumphed in the guv’s snub. Plus: Mad Maxian Car #3, space tombs in the sky, and ZZ Top’s song scuffle.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Feb 1, 1987 By Alison Cook

The City That Works isn’t working like it used to. Plus Amazing Cars of Texas #2, revolutionary folk art, and Topic A—what everybody can’t stop talking about.

Eat at Junior’s

Jun 30, 1986 By Alison Cook

Proprietors of some of Texas’ priciest restaurants are spinning off more-economical eateries that are giving the originals a run for their money.

Taco Capital, U.S.A.

Apr 1, 1986 By Alison Cook

You want tacos with carnitas or cactus pads? Beef barbecue or bacon and eggs Come to San Antonio, where tacos aren’t just an afterthought on a Tex-Mex munue—they’re a way of life.

La Reina Diana

May 31, 1985 By Alison Cook

By her dedication, her rigor, her almost overwhelming enthusiasm, Diana Kennedy forced a generation of cooks to take Mexican food seriously and jolted Texans into realizing that there is life beyond the combination dinner.

Going Back For Seconds

Apr 1, 1985 By Alison Cook

Can there be too much of a good thing? Five of Texas’ favorite restaurants have duplicated themselves in other cities, and now they’re finding out.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Jan 1, 1985 By Alison Cook

Law and order in Colorado City; winning and losing with the Dallas Diamonds; bargains and hassles on People Express; broiling and sweating in pursuit of mesquite chic.

Trashy Business

Nov 1, 1984 By Alison Cook

When Houston’s rich and powerful join forces with environmentalists to battle big corporations, they can be fighting over only one thing. Garbarge.

Move Over, Southfork

May 31, 1984 By Alison Cook

Up for sale in Dallas, the Shanbaum house boasts a whopping 28,000 square feet and what may be Texas’ most comprehensive collection of sixties and seventies kitsch—along with a $2.75 million price tag.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 30, 1984 By Alison Cook

A nuclear quandary in West Texas; the fine art of political feuding in San Antonio; the redfish ranching business in Monahans; the education of a power broker in training in Houston.

The Texas Food Manifesto

Dec 1, 1983 By Alison Cook

Fie on the cilantro fad, greaseless barbecue, and indiscriminate mesquite-grilling. Let’s hear it for Frito pie, catfish plates, and other gems of Texas’ true cuisine